“Arianna’s comforting presence was an important key to my awakening as a conscious parent. Her gentle and clear guidance helped me experience life-altering shifts, not only in relationship with my children but also in my personal growth.”.

-Aimee Cullwick, Carbondale, CO

Devotionally serving parents and families with the highest and most heartfelt consciousness—my heart tells me this is my calling and, along with serving my family, my purpose in this life.

While my path was not a straight one, and had you told me 10 years ago I would be a conscious parenting coach, I would have looked at your strangely and laughed. Literally. That is because 10 years ago I didn’t even know if I wanted to be a mom, or whether I had any business being a mom. I was a hard-working attorney in a large international law firm, focusing on my career. Well, the Universe had a much different plan.

My journey to motherhood was a bit different. I became a step-mom first, to three wonderful beings, and felt certain this was the extent of my parental calling. But my husband, who could see in me what I could not necessarily see in myself back then, said to me: “there is no way you can go through this life without being a mom.” He was certainly right (don’t tell him I said that).

Motherhood (as a step-mom and mom) has brought about the greatest joys and greatest transformation in me personally. I finally found my purpose, which was not only to serve my family in the role of “mother” but to serve others from what I have learned as I have evolved. While I started off fearful of being a mother, I quickly discovered that I was born to do this.

But How? I didn’t know how to be a mom?! I was afraid. I applied the methods I learned in law school and studied and studied and studied some more, reading every parenting book I could get my hands on to try and figure out what was best for the baby, child, and older children. How could I best show up for my family?

Beyond my research and courses, my experiences as a step-mom, mother, and wife have awakened my soul to how important it is for our children that we educate ourselves about parenting, in particular nurturing in a conscious and heartfelt way. This journey has not just taught me so much about conscious parenting, but also so much about myself, my past, my patterns, and my own childhood.

All my training and study enabled me to see what was still unresolved for me, what triggered me, my own reactivity, my own judgments, expectations, and how I was still repeating patterns from the past and from my own childhood that I so desperately did not want to repeat. This awareness and learning about myself through my parenting journey is what has helped me change my own patterns and shift my family dynamics from within, rather than focusing on behaviors and seeking change in my child and step-children. With all this growth, acceptance, and realization, I am able to show up for everyone in my life with a greater awareness and less reactivity and projection.

One of the biggest takeaways in my journey of parenting thus far is that all that I was learning about healthy ways to love and nurture children, was also the way I needed to love and nurture myself. This is what I hope to bring to other parents, not only helping them find the tools to deepen their connection with their children, but at the same time turn that nurturing and love towards themselves.

As I mentioned above, professionally I am former lawyer who left private practice in Big Law for a much tougher job—Motherhood. I have a B.A. from Duke University and a Law Degree from American University, Washington College of Law. While my formal education did not qualify me or prepare me for motherhood, it did give me the confidence and skills I needed to research and learn everything I needed to be a mom. I dove in head first, and for the past several years have immersed myself in learning all that I can about parenting, conscious parenting, brain development, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and self-transformation. At first I immersed myself in the study of parenting so that I could show up as the best parent and nurture my son’s and step-children’s true essences. And now I realize that I also did that so I can share what I have learned with as many families as possible, so that they may achieve a more loving and peaceful home.

Most importantly, I am a mother, so I know how hard parenting is. I am also a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach and Certified Emotion Coach. My coaching is greatly influenced by my 6 years of mentorship with Conscious Parenting and Prenatal Psychologist, Cecily Miller Ph.D(c), who has mentored me in conscious mothering from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth and in early childhood development, and of the work of Dr. Shefali Tsabary, who I have worked with personally and trained with through most of her course offerings. I feel blessed to have worked with other mentors in the field of Parenting and Healing, such as Suzi Lula, Jolette Jai, and Elica Miller.

Personally, I am a life-long evolver – always looking for the lesson and growth in all life’s experiences. I have been through many evolutions in this lifetime thus far – growing deeply in each transformation brought my way. It has not been linear but a wonderful and thrilling roller coaster. I am a mom to Garrison, and a step-mom to Kellie, Ryan, and Meaghan. I cherish both roles as all the children/adult-children have been my greatest teachers, showing me what still is unresolved within me and what needs attention for my own growth. Being part of a “Modern Family” I have experience with the challenges of co-parenting and the beauty of a large family with many moving pieces. I am grateful for my husband, Gary, as his support through our co-creation of our family and parenting has allowed me to dive deep into my own darkness and emerge to help others heal and be more conscious parents.

I love being of service. I am extremely passionate about conscious parenting and how we raise the next generation, truly believing it will transform the world into a more compassionate and loving place.