The Answer To Learning To Love Our Children More

I want to share with you a sweet story and my journey to creating my
dream—Awakened Heart Parenting. I hope this glimpse into my journey and my
inspirations will help you get to know me even better.

As I struggled with whether or not to use “Awakened Heart,” I decided to ask
my son, Garrison, what he would call my business. I will ask my son these types of
questions because I see him (while only 4 at the time) and ALL children as any other
human being; they are deserving of our respect, and their opinion matter. Children
have great insights if we take the time to listen, I have learned. Children are very
connected to God/Source and sometimes they can provide us the simplest but most
profound guidance. So I asked him, “what should mommy call her parenting
coaching business?” He responded “Mommy Love,” then he said “Mommy Loves
Garrison.” Then he gave me a big hug. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about
this because what he was expressing was that, to him, “parenting” means he knows I
LOVE him. Parenting is about loving unconditionally and doing it with our
children’s true essence and emotional well-being at the forefront of our decisions
and reactions. I have tried to do this for Garrison as I have explored and grown as a
parent. I have not been perfect by any means but the take away is “Mommy Love” or
“Parent Love”– that our children know we love them no matter what and we are
always there for them, and that we are committed to our connection with them.
They need not have fear.

I didn’t choose “Mommy Love” as the name of my business for a few reasons,
but most importantly I wasn’t sure it captured the deeper experience of conscious
parenting, which is really the practice of going within ourselves to bring out a more
nurturing environment for our children. Therefore, I settled on “Awakened Heart
Parenting.” For me, this name captures that deep love we feel for our children, and
at the same time learning to love our own inner child, the way we love and nurture
our external children.

Thus, the name “Awakened Heart Parenting” has deep meaning for me and
my family. As I pondered and pondered over the name for this business, I kept
coming back to “Awakened Heart” as an essential part of the name. The reason is
that “Awakened” describes the awareness that parenting, especially conscious
parenting, asks of us. It is awareness of ourselves as parents, our unresolved
emotions, our projections, judgments, worries, fears, joy, love, and experiences. It is
an awareness of our child’s true nature and desires – not what we want them to be.
An awakening to the fact that our children are our greatest guides, they have an
uncanny ability to stir up our deepest triggers and show us where we most need to
give ourselves love, compassion, and attention. Children do this too, because as we
are able to look at ourselves and offer ourselves more self-compassion and self-love
for our own hurts, pains, struggles – we, in turn, can bring that newly awakened
compassion and empathy to our children’s big emotions, hurts, pains and struggles.

While it may be obvious why the word “Heart” seemed essential…here is a bit
more into why it was essential for me in my business name. The word “Heart”
represents for me that we must parent from the heart – attuning our heart with our
child’s heart. Through awakening to our feelings within our own heart, it enables us
to attune to what our children may be feeling within their heart in any given
situation, and we can then connect on that heart-to-heart level with our children,
and everyone else in our life. So that is what “Awakened Heart” means to
me—really emphasizing parenting that is soul-to-soul and heart-to-heart.

I must also give credit where credit is due. Dr. Shefali Tsabary, one of my
guiding lights in the field of Conscious Parenting authored her book called
“Awakened Family” and her teachings have had a profound effect on my psyche and
I have no doubt that this why “Awakened Heart Parenting” stuck with me and no
other names we came up with seemed to touch my heart and feel right for me.
Therefore, I honor Dr. Shefali’s work and her contributions to enlightening mankind,
and in particular raising awareness of conscious parenting in the name of my

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